FOI request uncovers Information Commissioner's overdue cases

Investigative journalist Heather Brooke has obtained a copy of the Information Commissioner's Excel database of cases under investigation. It lists just under 1000 cases.

According to Ms Brooke:

"Many of the cases on the database are from February and March 2005. Anything from this time period is definitely overdue and it’s worth pointing out that the Scottish Information Commissioner has a policy of closing all investigations within four months. It’s particularly noticeable that most of these decisions are being made not against the big government departments, but against small authorities. Where decisions have been made, evidence is mounting that far from ushering in a new era of openness, the Commissioner is protecting the secrecy status quo."

Ms Brooke, a freelance writer and campaigner for open government, argues that the Commissioner’s Office should make this information available to the public at all times on their website.

Information Commissioner: Delay and Indecision (Your Right To Know website, 5 October 2005)

Link to Excel spreadsheet: