West Midlands Police fall victim to crime

West Midlands Police has admitted falling victim to a crimewave involving stolen sat-navs, mobile phones, patrol bikes and helmets.

During the crime blitz, a joyrider pinched a £40,000 liveried Range Rover and thieves stole drugs that had been seized in a raid. Criminals also made off with a set of flashing blue lights and a crime prevention banner.

Over a three-year period, the force suffered criminal losses of £130,000.

Figures on internal police thefts, which include stolen handcuffs, helmets, batons and stab-proof vests, are not normally made public and have been disclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Figures for West Mercia Police reveal how a drunk PC swiped a £20,000 liveried Mitsubishi Shogun from its headquarters near Worcester.

In Telford police launched an investigation after three toilet rolls were stolen from a local police station.

Midland police hit by wave of thefts (Birmingham Post, 7 April 2008)