Over 800 council officials are being paid £100,000

More than 800 council officials are being paid £100,000 a year and 14 enjoy higher salaries than the Prime Minister, a report has claimed.

The Town Hall Rich List was published by the TaxPayers' Alliance as it was confirmed that council tax will rise above inflation again this year.

The report aims to focus attention on the pay and conditions enjoyed by local government staff, which have sharply increased after several years of rising public spending. The Local Government Association criticised the alliance last night for mounting "personal attacks on individuals who have no part in the setting of salaries" and claimed that parts of the list were out of date.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the alliance sought salary details from more than 450 councils. The group found 818 council staff whose total remuneration was £100,000 or more in 2006/07.

In 2005/06, a similar exercise found 645 people on such salaries. The six best-paid local government officials during 2006/07 received salaries in excess of £200,000. Top of the list is Peter Gould, the outgoing chief executive of Northamptonshire, who was paid £215,000.

Over 800 council staff earn £100,000 a year (Daily Telegraph, 29 March 2008)