Two year old caught committing crime

A two-year-old child is among dozens of youngsters under eight who have been caught committing crimes, it has been revealed.

Information from five Scottish police forces showed at least 132 children were involved last year in activity ranging from fire-raising to possession of drugs. A further three forces - Lothian and Borders, Fife and Tayside - were unable to supply figures collated by The Herald newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act.

The age of criminal responsibility is eight, and under Scotland's child welfare regime most cases involving under-16s go to children's panels rather than the courts. But crimes are still recorded, and the figures include a two-year-old child in Strathclyde involved in an unspecified offence. Between April 2006 and March this year a total of 48 children, aged seven or younger were involved in crimes, including theft, fire-raising and vandalism.

Dumfries and Galloway recorded ten, including two four-year olds involved in vandalism and Central Scotland Police recorded 37, including one case involving a three-year-old. Grampian recorded five cases and Northern 32.

Two-year-old among child criminals (Midlothian Advertiser, 14 November 2007)