Judge loses more than his trousers

A judge who lost a $54m (£26m) lawsuit against his dry cleaner over a pair of missing trousers has lost his job, District of Columbia officials have said.

Roy Pearson's term as an administrative law judge expired on May 2, and the DC commission on selection and tenure of administrative law judges voted not to reappoint him.

The city's general counsel, Lisa Coleman, revealed the information in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press.

His lawsuit, brought in the DC superior court, claimed Customs Cleaners, owned by South Korean immigrants, did not live up to his expectations of the "satisfaction guaranteed" advertised in the store's windows. He demanded repayment for the lost trousers as well as damages for inconvenience, mental anguish and attorney's fees for representing himself.
Pearson had initially calculated his losses initially at $67m, but later lowered the request to $54m. He was not available for comment.

Judge who lost trousers lawsuit loses job (The Guardian, 14 November 2007)