FoI request uncovers true cost of Iraq conflict for UK soldiers

In response to a freedom of information request, the Ministry of Defence has revealed that almost 1,500 British service personnel on duty in Iraq have had to be flown home for treatment in British hospitals since the war began in March 2003.

The Times reports that the total number of soldiers, regular and reserves, officially registered as “wounded in action” is now 189 — compared with 64 killed by enemy action. The casualty toll from service in Iraq rises significantly when taking into account personnel suffering from disease and non-battle injuries caused by road traffic accidents, military training and other incidents.

The overall figure, battle and non-battle casualties, now stands at 5,833. Of these casualties, 1,468 had to be brought back to Britain for hospital treatment. The number of British troops killed in the conflict currently stands at 97. This includes suicides, traffic accidents and natural causes.

Iraq's 'hidden' casualty toll runs into thousands (The Times, 8 November 2005)