BBC refuses to disclose radio programming and marketing budgets

The Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA), has had its request for information refused by the BBC. The CRCA asked the BBC to release information about its radio programming and marketing budgets before next spring. The CRCA views this as its last chance to argue against the BBC's request for a large increase in the licence fee.

The BBC refused to provide the information stating that the information is commercially sensitive. A BBC spokesman argued that it was not appropriate for the corporation to release information that could affect forthcoming negotiations such as those with programme producers and talent. "We are not a commercial company but we operate in a commercial environment, so there are limits to what we can say. It would also reveal the BBC's strategy to its competitors," he said.

The case has been sent to Richard Thomas, the UK Information Commissioner.

Commercial radio fights for BBC budget disclosure (Media Bulletin website, 11 November 2005)