Update on Scottish Executive disclosures under the Scottish Freedom of Information Act

Details of Freedom of Information requests received by the Scottish Executive (up to and including 27 May), which have been refused in full or in part can now be viewed on the Scottish Executive website.

The list, included in the Executive's disclosure log, provides a summary of each request for which the Executive knows the request was either refused in full or in part and includes a description of the sections to which exempt information applies. This list does not include requests for which the Executive does not hold the information requested, where the information is considered to fall under section 3(2)(a)(ii) of the Act, and the list does not include certain personal identifiers for Data Protection reasons. The Executive emphasises the fact that the list only details the outcome of the initial request: "the applicant is entitled to an internal review of this decision and it is possible for the initial decision to be reconsidered at this stage".

Summaries of FOI requests made to the Scottish Executive and their outcomes can be viewed in a 33 page document in the Executive's online disclosure log:
List of FOI Requests & Outcomes (where requests have been refused in full or in part)
(Scottish Executive website, 22 July 2005, PDF format)