Executive pornography

Three members of staff at the Scottish executive have been sacked for downloading pornography. Four of the eight sets of pornographic images were downloaded by staff in the office of the permanent secretary which is headed by John Elvidge, one of the country's top civil servants.

The number of Scottish Executive employees caught either downloading pornography on their computers or found with it on their hard drives since 2000 has been broken down by grade: 3 at grade A1; 3 at A3; and 2 at B1.

The Executive released the figures, which covered the period since April 2000 when internet access was made available to its employees, after a freedom of information request was made to the Scottish Executive.

The request that revealed this information along with the Executive's response can be viewed through the Scottish Executive's online disclosure log or their publication scheme: www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Government/FOI/19260/down.

Executive staff sacked for downloading pornography (The Herald, 22 July 2005)