McLetchie remains silent on travel expenses

Scottish Conservative leader, David McLetchie is under pressure to reveal the details of his parliamentary travel claims amidst allegations that he may have made regular trips to his former law firm at the public's expense. This follows a request for the information under FOI which was made by The Herald newspaper.

The only details released so far by the Scottish Parliament regarding McLetchie's taxi expenses have been heavily censored. The parliament has blacked out destinations, citing data protection and security as the reasons for doing so. A spokesman for McLetchie stated: "The parliament has decided a set of disclosure requirements under the Freedom of Information Act, to take into account personal security and data protection, and they've decided what information should go out and what is redacted. That is something that applies to every MSP."

Mr McLetchie was forced to resign as a partner in the legal firm Tods Murray in February of this year after pressure from Labour politicians who alleged the firm's extensive client list meant he had regular conflicts of interest over issues coming before the parliament or its committees.

McLetchie under siege on expenses (The Herald, 15 June 2005)