G8 summit security details leaked

Details of security operations surrounding the forthcoming G8 summit at Gleneagles have been leaked to the Independent on Sunday. Documents outlining the effort to protect the leaders of the G8 countries who are attending the summit, code-named Operation Sorbus, have been disclosed by a member of the intelligence community in Scotland who is reported as being appalled by ministers' "complacency". The documents list the location of special forces during the summit.

Details of the G8 summit security operations had been blocked from possible freedom of information requests by the Scotish Executive who issued a prospective ministerial certificate which exempted the information on the grounds of national security. Information leaked to the Independent includes:
  • details of possible threats, including assessments of the risk from chemical, biological and radiological attack;
  • an analysis of the Gleneagles resort's vulnerable areas;
  • maps showing the precise location of lines of reinforced fencing to keep out would-be suicide bombers and protesters;
  • and aerial photographs of the estate marking likely terrorist targets.
The operation to secure Gleneagles is being led by Tayside police, supported by the security services and the Army, at an estimated cost of £100m. The person responsible for the leaked documents said: "I have been increasingly appalled by the air of complacency surrounding this event, particularly as displayed by ministers. The release of a portion of non-operational material is intended as a wake-up call before that complacency becomes truly dangerous."

Leak of secret plan to protect G8 leaders sparks security alert (Independent on Sunday, 19 June 2005)