Ramsay's restaurant breaches health and safety standards

Documents obtained by the Herald under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that Gordon Ramsay's "Amaryllis" restaurant in Glasgow raised six concerns over safety and hygiene in July 2003. Concerns were voiced by environmental protection officers over food being stored on the floor of the dry goods area and walk-in refrigerator. The restauarant opened in 2001, gained a Michelin star, and closed last year with large debts.

Its successor, "Room", has also breached health and safety standards. An inspection last December revealed cleaning and disinfection methods, stock control procedures and food temperature controls to be unacceptable. Continuing failures in separation procedures for raw meat and ready-to-eat foods were also noted.

Gleneagles Hotel, which is hosting the G8 summit in July, breached food safety and hygiene standards in one of its restaurants last year. Its Dormy House kitchen failed to meet required standards in February 2004. Failures related mainly to cleanliness and maintaining premises and equipment in good order. Inspectors described the floor and contact surfaces as dirty. These included switches, a deep fat fryer, a grill and walk-in refrigerator.

Ramsay falls foul of the catering inspectors (The Herald, 16 May 2005)