Extra curricular activities

Almost 150 teachers in England have been sacked or disciplined for sexual misconduct in the last two years, new figures revealed.

Some 49 of the 56 teachers who lost their jobs were reported to the police, according to a Freedom of Information request made by More4 News.

A further 92 faced disciplinary action.

Sexual misconduct could include a number of offences such as sexual assault, sex with a pupil, or showing students pornographic material.

A breakdown of the figures, provided by 100 local authorities in England, show that 52 teachers were disciplined in 2007/08, and 40 were disciplined in 2008/09.

In addition, 31 teachers were sacked for sexual misconduct in 2007/08, with 25 losing their jobs in 2008/09.

The police were informed in 26 cases in 2007/08, and in 23 cases in 2008/09.

The figures mainly relate to teacher and pupil behaviour More4 said, although some cases of teacher and teacher behaviour are included due to the way the data was collected.

Sexual misconduct figures revealed (Press Assciation, 26 September 2009)