FoI in the USA: salary and food inspection databases

The State (South Carolina) has compiled state and local salary details of 5,600 local and nearly 20,000 statewide positions. Local salaries included are for Kershaw, Lexington and Richland county government, most municipalities in those counties and school districts. More than half the data in the local agencies database has been updated in the last two weeks and new data is coming in daily.

This information is available via Freedom of Information Act submissions, as state law requires base salaries be made available upon request for certain classes of state employees making $50,000 or more annually. More information about how they obtain and why they share this information is available on their salary search pages.

Their restaurant inspection database contains thousands of Dept. of Health and Environmental Control inspection results for eateries in Kershaw, Lexington and Richland counties. The data can be searched by county, restaurant name, address (find results from all restaurants with "Harbison" in the street name, for example), city, ZIP code or inspection type or result.

Data updates: State, local salary, food inspections
(The State, 30 September 2009)