Time for a bonfire of the quangos?

The Daily Mirror reports:

"Freeloading bosses of some of our most pointless quangos have enjoyed sun-drenched overseas jollies - costing the taxpayer £11.5million.

In the second part of our shocking probe into our public-funded bodies, we can reveal they have jetted off on more than 15,000 trips abroad in the last year - all bankrolled by YOU.

The far-flung jaunts included at least 226 trips to the States, 59 to China, 33 to Australia and New Zealand, 24 to Canada and 13 to Dubai.

Quango bosses and staff have stayed at luxury five-star hotels, casino hotels and beach resorts.

Our probe, using the Freedom of Information Act to hold nearly 300 quangos to account, has uncovered thousands of overseas trips taken in the 12 months to April 2009 by Britain's quangocrats."

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The fabulous quango junkets to Australia, China, USA that the taxpayer is paying for
(Daily Mirror, 28 July 2009)