Dog behind the wheel in Wales

Almost 3,000 motorists put lives at risk driving while distracted by talking on mobile phones, eating, drinking and even reading and writing.

One driver was caught behind the wheel with a dog on their lap, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal.

Around 2,973 drivers were issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for using a mobile phone while driving between May 1 2008 and April 4 2009.

Police say 63 more drivers were fined for driving without proper control between the same dates.

Some of their offences included holding "electrical equipment", driving with only one hand - or even no hands on the wheel - eating, and drinking.

In some of the worst offences recorded some drivers were caught reading and writing behind the wheel.

Cops last night slammed drivers who continue to flout the law, which banned talking on mobiles when driving in 2007.

Thousands caught in North Wales for irresponsible driving (Daily Post, 3 June 2009)