Information Commissioner orders release of animal experiment information

A number of universities and major colleges have been told to reveal information about animal experiments they have undertaken.

The Information Commissioner's Office has ruled that several universities (Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Manchester University, plus King's College London and University College London) must disclose information in relation to research they have undertaken with primates, it said in a statement.

A spokeswoman said: "The information must be disclosed following requests under the Freedom of Information Act. All five must release details on the number and species of primates used in previous and current research.

"The Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, ruled that releasing the information would not increase the risk to the physical health, mental health or safety of any person.

"The Information Commissioner accepts that the universities remain a current, active target and understands that there is a 'sustained campaign' which continues to pose a 'very real and substantial threat to individuals'.

"However, he notes that this activity is on-going regardless of this information request and can see no evidence to suggest that the current threat would increase with the release of the information requested."

Release animal data, unis told (The Press Association, 8 April 2009)

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