The Benefits of FoI: The Good Squat Guide

A council has been forced to give details of every empty home in its area to squatters because of a legal loophole, reports the Daily Mail.

Lambeth in South London had to hand over the list after squatters submitted a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request.

The Labour-run borough provided details of an estimated 800 properties despite council officers' fears that the move could lead to a marked rise in squatting in the borough.

A spokeswoman for Lambeth Living, which manages the borough's council housing, said: 'When responding to FOI requests we have to operate within the letter of the law.

'A legal precedent had already been set in response to a similar FOI inquiry to Bexley Council.

'On challenging the request, they were instructed by the Information Tribunal that they had a legal duty to provide the address details of empty properties which were not owned by individuals.'

Council forced to give squatters a list of all its empty properties
(Daily Mail, 20 March 2009)