Guantanamo Bay: FoI used by lawyers to disclose Foreign Office memos

Binyam Mohamed has been held without trial by the US for six years. Now his lawyers have asked the UK to disclose what it knows about his fate.

The Independent reports that British diplomats have been working behind the scenes to secure the release of Binyam Mohamed, a UK resident, who claims to have been tortured during his six-year detention by the United States, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Internal Foreign Office memos note that "more robust evidence" to support the torture allegations made by Mr Mohamed may emerge and that Britain should write to the US urging them to investigate the claims.

Mr Mohamed's lawyers have now contacted the Military Commission's headquarters in Washington informing the senior judge of this development in a bid to halt Mr Mohamed's forthcoming trial at a Military Commission in Guantanamo Bay, where he is still being held.

Freedom Of Information: Guantanamo Briton uses Freedom of Information law (The Independent, 6 June 2008)