Cambridgeshire police spend £1.4 million on consultants

The cost of consultants for Cambridgeshire police rocketed to £1.4 million in a year.

The shock figures show that since 2004 the force has spent a total of £2,941,000 on private advisers. But when the News conducted a probe into the police spending, a wall of silence was thrown up around the details.

That move prompted fury from Cambridgeshire Police Authority chairman Keith Walters, who will demand answers from the force. Consultancy costs have doubled in three years, figures obtained using the Freedom of Information Act show. In 2004/5, the bill for advice and help was £670,000, rising to £878,000 in 2005/6 and leaping to £1,393,000 in 2006/7.

Police pay out £1.4m on consultancy fees (Cambridge News, 4 March 2008)