Cost of interpreter services increases fourfold in Scottish Courts

Taxpayers have had to fund a near-fourfold rise in the cost of interpreter services in Scottish courts over the past three years.

Country-wide costs increased by an average of 291 per cent over the last three years. The translation service now costs taxpayers £653,000 a year, compared with £167,000 in 2003-4, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court had the highest percentage increase in costs – with demand increasing 12-fold in the last three years. The court spent £26,000 on providing help for non-English speakers compared with £2,000 in 2003-4.But Glasgow and Strathkelvin spent the most on providing interpreters for non-English speaking communities followed closely by Edinburgh.

Glasgow's costs rose from £48,000 in 2003-4 to £103,000 pounds last year and over the same period Edinburgh's costs rocketed from £14,000 to £102,000.

Taxpayers fund huge rise in costs for interpreters (The Scotsman, 4 January 2008)


Anonymous said...

This is just a drop in the ocean really.
The real cost of translators runs into millions with them being required in our hospitals and doctors surgeries etc etc.
The amount of people that cannot understand English our government are allowing into this country is shocking and our economy will suffer because of it severely.