Petrol bombs, machetes and knives - just another day in Lothian's schools

Almost 100 incidents involving knives and air guns in schools have been reported in the last four years.

In 2006-7, there were 149 calls to police about youngsters using weapons - ranging from knives to eggs and snowballs - which amounts to almost one for every day that children are in school. That was the highest figure in the last four years and significantly up from the previous 12 months.

Since 2002, official police action has been required on 47 occasions when an air rifle or BB gun was used, and 45 instances where a knife or blade was involved.

The list of incidents was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. It records pupils threatening other youngsters with knives, brandishing metal bars, firing air guns and throwing lit fireworks.

On one occasion a petrol bomb was thrown by a teenager in school grounds and another youngster was found in possession of a machete.

A weapon a day in Lothians schools (The Scotsman, 19 November 2007)