Peterborough Council criticised for not publishing disclosure log

Peterborough City Council has been criticised for not publicly publishing the findings of any Freedom Of Information (FOI) request dating back to May 11.

According to the authority's FOI disclosure log, 88 requests have been lodged since that date. They include queries about bullying-related expulsions, food inspection reports for hospitals, the cost of advertising on buses and the number of children who are not registered in school.

What has caused concerns is the apparent change of direction by the council, after it initially followed a policy of publishing information emerging from requests.

Council spokesman Mike Lennox said the information would appear, but it would "take time". The deputy leader of the city's Liberal Democrat group, Councillor Darren Fower said: "Whatever the reason for this significant reduction in data and details appearing in the disclosure log, there is a real need for local residents and people in relevant occupations to make use of this service and ensure their queries and questions are answered. More importantly, there is a need to remind this council that they have a severe responsibility to remain open and fair, to the people who pay their wages."

Council urged to be more open and fair (Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 23 October 2007)