Attacks against teachers in Scotland on the increase

Incidents of violence and verbal abuse against teachers in Scotland are at record levels after rising by more than 4% since last year, according to The Herald.

Statistics from local authorities made public under Freedom of Information legislation show there were 7306 physical or verbal attacks on school staff in 2006-07 compared to 7003 in 2005-06. Of these, 4608 involved physical violence, a rise of 2.2%.

Last night, teaching unions and politicians condemned the figures and called for violent pupils to be permanently excluded from the classroom. Figures published last year show that, although there were more than 5000 assaults on pupils and teachers in 2005, only 2% ended in permanent expulsion.

There was also anger that the latest figures had to be obtained under Freedom of Information legislation because the Scottish Government no longer publishes them.

Record number of violent attacks on teachers (The Herald, 5 November 2007)