UK troops face a generation of conflict if fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan continues

The head of the British Army has warned that UK troops could be facing a "generation of conflict" if fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan continues. General Sir Richard Danatt has told his senior staff to prepare for prolonged campaigns.

In a speech to a conference of senior military officials, the contents of which have been released under freedom of information, he suggested that the British Army was "on the edge of a new deadly Great Game in Afghanistan" and warned the trust of the public could be increasingly difficult to gain if the conflicts continue.

In his June address, General Dannatt said success in these two countries was the top priority.
He added: "It is success today in these two theatres, however you define success, that, as far as I'm concerned, is both the top and bottom line, because if we fail, then I submit that, in the face of that strident Islamic shadow, then tomorrow will be uncertain."

Troops face 'generation of conflict' if fighting goes on (Edinburgh Evening News, 28 August 2007)