GHA accused of gagging councillors

Scotland's largest social landlord , the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), has hit back at claims it is trying to gag councillors and insisted its decision-making is open and transparent.

Tenant members on the board of the GHA spoke out after four city councillors refused to sign the GHA's code of conduct, amid concerns it amounted to a gagging order that prevented them sharing information with their constituents.

GHA chairwoman Sandra Forsythe and tenant board members Joan McMahon, John McVicar, Wilma Masterton and Margaret Ward describe the claims as untrue. They said the Code of Conduct does not include any clauses or sections that prevent councillors from representing constituents who need assistance with a housing issue.

Although housing associations are not covered by Freedom of Information legislation, the GHA claims it has has always acted within the spirit and principles of the legislation.

GHA hits back in row over ‘gagging order’ (Evening Times, 14 August 2007)