New police commissioner to investigate Northern Constabulary's actions

Scotland's newly-appointed police complaints commissioner is to look into a Northern Constabulary's actions following the death of Kevin MacLeod. The body of Mr MacLeod was found in Wick Harbour and his family believe it was not an accident.

They have asked Jim Martin to scrutinise Northern Constabulary's actions following an independent review of its handling of the case by Central Scotland Police Chief Constable, Andrew Cameron, who highlighted shortcomings in Northern Constabulary's inquiry.

Earlier this year, the family successfully used the Freedom of Information Act to get Northern Constabulary to release large parts of the confidential police report. Mr Cameron's review said some procedures followed by Northern "should be considered inappropriate".

Police said data protection prohibited the report being published in full, meaning its full context was lost.

Watchdog to review harbour death (BBC News, 1 June 2007)