Trade Unions make FOI request for details of pay offer

Trade unions affected by single status pay changes are asking the council for the exact details of their pay offer. The three unions involved in talks want this information so that members know what the changes mean to them before they vote on it.

Single status is required by law and affects every local authority in the UK. The aim is to increase the pay of lower paid manual workers by dispensing with different sets of terms and conditions for different groups of workers. All staff will be under an obligation to work a 37-hour week.

Most of the people whose pay has been adversely affected belong to Unison, which represents clerical, admin and professional staff. Unison applied to Shetland Islands council on 19 February for the full information about the offer under the Freedom of Information Act, and has now submitted a second request asking how and why individual job evaluation scores were changed after they were awarded.

Unions call for detail on SIC single status pay offer (Shetland Times, 16 March 2007)