Police officers with drink-drive convictions keep their jobs

The Scotsman has revealed that 12 police officers in Lothian & Borders Police have been convicted of drink driving but were allowed to keep their jobs. Lothian and Borders had the highest number of drink-drive offenders of any force in Scotland, with 29 in the country as a whole. The statistics, revealed through the Freedom Of Information Act, led to criticism by MSPs and motoring groups.

Of the eight Scottish forces, only Fife had no convicted drink-drivers currently working as police officers. Strathclyde had eight, Northern Constabulary had three, and there were two in both Tayside, and Dumfries and Galloway. There was one each in Grampian and Central.

12 drink-drive police officers in Lothian keep their posts (The Scotsman, 13 November 2006)