Police accept hospitality from Scientology cult

An internal review of the hospitality policy of City of London police has been ordered after it was revealed that officers had been accepting invitations, dinners and gifts from the Church of Scientology worth thousands of pounds. Details emerged through a freedom of information inquiry made by the Guardian.

Officers ranging from constables to a chief superintendent received free gifts such as invitations to a premiere of Mission Impossible 3 and a £500-a-head charity dinner, where the main guest was actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise, and the use of a £5,000-a-night jazz band, the Jive Aces, for a police concert. More than 20 police officers have accepted hospitality from the Scientologists over the past 15 months, a register of hospitality reveals.

Scientologists' gifts to police provoke rethink (The Guardian, 23 November 2006)