Family hopes DNA testing will provide an answer to murdered pensioner's death

The family of murdered pensioner Annie Davies believe marks around her throat could be the key to catching the killer. Annie's son Bryan will use a TV documentary this week to demand that the prints and marks should be DNA tested.

Bryan, 59, talked to police about the marks and handprints and believes scientific advances in testing will provide a breakthrough. Tragic Annie's blood-splattered body was found lying behind the front door of her flat in Erskine, Renfrewshire, in May 1998. The case features in the STV series Unsolved on Thursday and Bryan hopes the TV exposure could lead to further vital evidence coming from the public.

The Sunday Mail supported the family's campaign for a full inquiry and in June 2005, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board ruled Annie Davies' death "was directly attributable to a crime of violence". Detective Inspector Ian Aitken, who is now in charge of the case, said: "We would welcome any information that would lead in any direction that could bring closure to all parties involved."

Meanwhile Bryan's appeal to examine police files through Freedom of Information legislation has been turned down because officers say it could still be used to get a conviction. The files contain the names of witnesses who gave statements on condition their identity was kept secret.

Kevin Dunion, Scottish Information Commissioner said: "The police assert that the report will be a key element in any future proceedings that may take place as it contains information and evidence that could be relied upon in securing a conviction."

Killer clue: Family hope DNA checks on handprints will finally nail old Annie's murderer (Sunday Mail, 19 November 2006)