Home Office bosses receive performance-related bonuses

Senior civil servants in the Home Office have been paid more than £2m in bonuses over the past two years despite a number of scandals that have engulfed the department.

Details of the bonuses were released by the Home Office under the Freedom of Information Act, and disclose the scale of hundreds of 'performance-related' bonuses being paid out by the Home Office to the majority of its top civil servants. The sums range from £3,000 and £15,000.

Last year 158 senior civil servants in the Home Office received a bonus, as well as an additional 18 top officials from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND). The year before, even more civil servants took home a performance-related bonus, with the figures reaching 178 in the Home Office and 27 in the IND. This equated to four in every five officials. A statement by the Home Office reveals that officials have been refused bonuses this year to 'reflect their corporate responsibility'.

Presumably the bonuses would have been even larger had the Home Office actually been 'fit for purpose'.

Revealed: bonuses paid to Home Office bosses (The Observer, 3 September 2006)