Salaries of top doctors revealed under FOI

Scotland's top doctors are earning salaries of almost a quarter of a million pounds a year, raising concerns that money being used to improve the NHS is being swallowed up in salaries.

The figures, obtained under freedom of information, show that in Lanarkshire, the five highest-earning consultants were paid between £200,000 and £225,000. In Glasgow, the biggest salary was £217,996, and in the Borders it was £200,000. And in five other areas, the top earning doctors picked up six-figure sums almost double their basic wage.

Under a controversial new pay deal brought in two years ago, basic consultant salaries increased from a maximum of around £75,000 to £94,000. But thousands of pounds are also being earned for out-of-hours work, extra work on top of their normal 40-hour week and bonuses from an NHS awards scheme.

Anger as bonuses push top consultants’ pay over £200,000 (Sunday Herald, 16 July 2006)