Senior Scottish government officials - just can't get the staff nowadays

The Scotsman reports that leading civil servants have been criticised by their own staff for bad financial management, a lack of leadership and the poor running of the country's government. The results of a confidential employee survey, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, represent a damning critique of the performance of Scotland's senior government officials.

The survey shows that:

• only 27 per cent of civil servants feel the Scottish Executive makes good use of money;
• only 52 per cent of civil servants in Scotland believe that any checks are made before money is spent;
• only 28 per cent feel there is a culture of sound financial management.

The survey reveals what the 7,000 staff who work for the Scottish Executive and its agencies in Scotland actually feel about the way the government is run.

Top civil servants slated by own staff (The Scotsman, 26 May 2006)