Norfolk Police visit pornographic websites

Seventy police officers have broken Norfolk Constabulary rules on using the internet at work in the past three years, new documents reveal.

Serious breaches of the force's internet code of conduct, including visits to pornographic websites, have led to officers receiving stern warnings. Four officers resigned while investigations were carried out into the nature of their breaches, two of them resigned this year.

The details were made available to the Norwich Evening News after it submitted a Freedom of Information request. The statistics date from 2003.

Earlier this year, Norwich Evening News revealed how doctors and nurses among staff at Norfolk's flagship hospital were disciplined for looking at pornography on the internet at work: "FoI paperwork showed there were more than 3,300 staff breaches of its internet code of conduct last year. Four staff were sacked for looking at sexually explicit material in the past two years at the N&N, with one case so severe it had to be passed on to the police."

Policemen view porn websites at work (Norwich Evening Times, 3 April 2006)