Aircraft alleged to be linked with CIA torture flights have landed in Scotland more than 100 times

Aircraft linked to the CIA's alleged programme of torture flights have landed at Scottish airports more than 100 times in recent years, the government admitted yesterday.

Private jets used by CIA front companies and contractors have routinely used runways at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Prestwick, Aberdeen, Inverness and even Wick, the Department of Transport confirmed. The RAF base at Leuchars in Fife has also been used.

After a Freedom of Information Act request from the Liberal Democrats, the department released air traffic control records of flights made by 20 US-registered aircraft operated by CIA front companies and hire firms known to rent planes to the agency.

Human rights groups have alleged these flights are used to carry people the US accuses of terrorism to allied countries where they face torture, a practice known as extraordinary rendition.

The British government says it has no indication that the American flights are used for this.

100 landings on Scots soil by US jets with torture links (The Scotsman, 8 April 2006)