Scottish Executive Consultation on FoI

The Scottish Executive's consultation paper which concerns a review of how FoI operates in Scotland is now available on their website.

Their press release states: "The review will not encompass a wholesale look at the legislation. It will in the main focus on areas where any agreed changes or outcomes would be achievable through use of subordinate legislation or amendments to the Act's Codes of Practice.One part of the review will be a public consultation which will be distributed and made available on this website, during the week beginning December 12, 2005. Key topics of the review include: coverage of the Act, the fees regime, statutory prohibitions to disclosure of information, general feedback on discharge of functions under the Act and any areas where difficulty is arising."

The Executive is inviting written responses to the consultation paper by 31 March 2006.

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - One year on: A consultation on the operation of the Act after one year in force (Scottish Executive website, 14 December 2005)