Speed camera revenue increases in Australia

Figures obtained under Freedom of Information show the State Government of Victoria, Australia, obtained more than $23 million from speed camera fines in the June quarter, up from more than $20 million in the same period last year.

Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder, who obtained the figures, said Premier Steve Bracks and Police Minister Tim Holding should carry out a review of the system since it could not be guaranteed that people were not being wrongly fined.

He mentioned the case of Frank Torzillo, revealed by the Herald Sun, who was charged despite travelling under the legal limit after a camera operator programmed the wrong speed into the camera: "The speed camera debacles have only been brought to public notice because motorists challenged fines or received impossible speed readings in the mail," said Mr Mulder. "Where are the checks and balances to ensure more motorists have not been ripped off in the June quarter, 2005? Steve Bracks needs to order an immediate, full audit of mobile speed-camera operators' daily running sheet against VicRoads' speed zones to ensure that motorists have not been unjustly fined."

Speed camera revenue jumps again (Herald Sun, Australia, 27 August 2005)