Scottish Parliament Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

The Scottish Parliament website now has a disclosure log that lists information which has been released in response to requests for information under the FOI (Scotland) Act 2002 since January 2005. The information requested includes:
  • Information on the Parliament's intranet (SPEIR)
  • Information relating to the Futures Event and to the Scottish Parliament and the Business Exchange
  • How many MSPs and members of the public were in the Chamber on the 2nd March?
  • Request for correspondence relating to weathering of the fabric of the Scottish Parliament
  • To provide all correspondence between the Scottish Parliament and Enric Miralles since June 1999
  • Request for travel expense claims forms for Keith Raffan MSP for the last 3 financial years

Unlike the Scottish Executive disclosure log, there are no links to the information itself. See the full list here: