FOI reveals questionable expenses claims by Gordon Jackson, QC: the public pays out again

Labour MSP and QC, Gordon Jackson, has charged taxpayers for travel to the Scottish Parliament on the same days that he earned hundreds of pounds in legal aid representing clients in the High Court, according to Scotland on Sunday. Documents obtained under Freedom of Information have revealed that this has happened at least nine times.

Jackson, who earns who earns £264,000 a year in legal aid and £50,000 from his MSP’s salary, stated that that he had missed some committee meetings in order to attend court. When confronted with the figures he argued that he had done nothing wrong and that his secretary might have made a mistake in filling out the expenses form.

Scotland on Sunday also asked the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide details of Jackson’s legal aid claims, but they refused to disclose the information claiming that it would breach confidentiality.

Jackson courts questions on travel expenses (Scotland on Sunday, 24 April 2005)