Your right to know what the government is up to: useful resources

Last August, Greenwich borough council became one of the first local authorities in the UK to start publishing the results of food hygiene inspections online. The council says it aims to put all local food businesses on to its food hygiene database over the next two years. Not only restaurants but schools and prisons will also be covered.

The web is now the first place to look for information on what the government is up to. If it's information on central government you want try where an A-Z directory will let you access the home pages of every government body. The Ministry of Defence has a link to its publication scheme on its home page and unofficial websites such as or allow you to word-search hundreds of government websites.

For more useful websites see the following article by Michael Cross: Moment of truth: The web is now the place to find out about government (The Guardian, 27 January 2005)