Freedom of Information in Scotland - A Guide to Your Rights

The Scottish Information Commissioner has produced new guidance on your rights under freedom of information in Scotland. The guidance is available on his website:
  • About your rights

1 What are my rights and why would I use them?
2 What kind of information do I have a right to see?
3 Which organisations can I ask to give me information?
4 Publication schemes - what are they and how can they help me?

  • How to make a request

1 How do I ask for information?
2 What could it cost me to get the information?
3 Is there information I may not be able to see?
4 What about my right to see environmental information?

  • How to appeal if you don't get what you asked for

1 What if I am unhappy with the reply?
2 What if I am unhappy with the review of my request?
3 What if I am unhappy with the Scottish Information Commissioner’s decision?

The complete guide can be viewed in a pdf file here: - Your Right to Know